Jesus, Oaths and the Truth

August 5, 2018
1- No community can survive without truth telling. Vs33 A. Jesus forbids oathsVs 34-36 B. The Jewish Loopholes Vs 34-36 2-Every word is spoken before God. Vs 34-36 A. Our…

Jesus on Marriage and Divorce

July 29, 2018

The Fight for a Pure Heart

July 22, 2018

The Danger of Anger

July 15, 2018
1-Anger is far more serious than we realize. A. The Old Command. Vs.21 B. The Nw Command. Vs.22 2-Examples: 1. Between "brother or sister". Vs.23-24 2. Between any adversary. Vs.25-26…

The Authority of Jesus Christ

July 8, 2018
Jesus came to fulfill the law. Vs 17-18 Jesus' teaching supersedes the law. Vs 19 Jesus calls for a deeper righteousness. Vs 20